Our service of CONTRACTING FOR SHORING AND FORMWORK consists of individual project designing, statical approval, shoring and formwork material logistics and installation, monitoring and dismantling with a fixed project price.

Layher TG-60 is not another usual load bearing shoring system – load bearing towers. It is a 3D shoring structure, designed to:

– HANDLE heavy loads,
– CREATE a safe working environment,
– OPTIMIZE time schedules,
– WORK efficiently and productively.

The goal of our company is to use only as much of the resources as needed to make the job done – not more.

All process is leaded by the same engineer who creates a virtual model in order to accomplish the same result on the construction site.

Design and planning works are done virtually in Building information modeling (BIM) as well as statistical analysis is done by finite element methodology. If needed, it is possible to design and plan shoring in 4D and  5D environment.

Practice shows that using contracting services a client saves up to 50% of the shoring material, which also means:

– 50% less logistics,
– 50% less installation and dismantling men hours,
– 50% shorter formwork installation time schedule.

The TG-60 shoring system is designed in united scheme with MiTEK wooden trusses for bridge formwork in a close cooperation with partners. They are designed in BIM system and are calculated by finite element methodology too. Our shoring solutions optimizes the utilization of steel, aluminum and wood. Whatever the system is based on wedge lock, it has no free dimensions. This makes it possible to perform in maximum speed during shoring installation process.

“Prorentus” company is certified for construction contracting and infrastructure contracting.

We only work with scaffolders of the highest qualification. They apply working methods that are specific in the area of scaffolding. Only this way, the installation of shoring eliminates numerous human factor errors and optimizes labor productivity.

All our engineering solutions are tested in Germany and in other European and Scandinavian countries. It changes the principles of work not only in Europe but also around the world. It is a new approach to the work process, which provides high added value, new quality and new working culture.

With over 70 years of combined experience and focus on customer satisfaction, Prorentus delivers shoring and formwork solutions you can rely on.

  • 100% Lithuanian capital
  • Team of highly skilled professionals
  • Cutting-edge software
  • Strategically convenient location
  • Competitive pricing, fixed final price


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