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Prorentus Ltd. became a member of “Lithuanian Builders Association”

Prorentus Ltd. became a member of “Lithuanian Builders Association”

From 1993 to now Association has 161 members – licensed enterprises and organizations involved in construction, design work, manufacturing of building materials and structures, training, insurance and some other businesses.

Recently there have been erected or renovated a number of office buildings, banks, hotels, shopping centers with expressive architecture in Lithuania.

Construction of modern comfortable dwelling houses, constructions for environmental, industrial and engineering purposes are currently in progress.

Many design work and construction enterprises are experienced in construction work in foreign countries or are collaborating with foreign investors in Lithuania.

Both Lithuanian and European standards are being made available for design work enterprises.

Industrial enterprises are modernized, manufacturing modern equipment of high quality; most of them are holders of international quality certificates.

Seeking to introduce quality management systems and thus, have an opportunity to bid not only in Lithuanian but in international tenders as well, most of the enterprises have implemented or are proceeding with implementation of the quality management systems according to international standards ISO-9000 and ISO-14000.

The Association has close contacts with executive authorities, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (being a member thereof) in drafting of laws, resolutions and regulations advantageous for business.

The Association is actively involved in organization of expositions on national and international levels.

We have entered into co-operation agreements with the German Construction Association, French Construction Federation, Latvian Construction Association, Polish Construction House in addition to collaboration with similar organizations in other countries.




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