Dairy factory vertical milk drying line. All building main structure is made from concrete.


Project Type Industrial Building
Client Darstamas Ltd.
Completion Date 2016


  • To design and supply formwork and shoring for building construction.
  • To design load bearing towers and temporary load bearing structures for beams and slab formwork.
  • Working places for concreting and formwork assembly have to be safe to work.
  • The concreting work has to be done around already placed factory equipment.
  • All formwork assembly has to be fast and time consuming.
  • Because of big heights between slabs, we used load bearing TG – 60 towers. In order to fully utilize load bearing capacity of TG – 60 we used load bearing consoles made of Allround parts. Because of Layher’s flexibility we also added integrated safety consoles all around the perimeter of building and stairs to get onto top.
    Another big challenge was factory equipment which was installing parallel with the building construction so we need to manage our TG-60 towers so they will go around and above equipment so tower are able to support all the weight of the concrete slab.
    All TG-60 towers were prefabricated on ground and then lifted in to situ. After concreting TG-60 towers was dismanteled in opposite way
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround, Modular, Logo3, Deck, Grip
  • Short assembly time
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, supervision)
  • Using as little equipment as possible
  • Customer could preview the project in 3D space
  • Make most of the shoring on the ground and then place pre-assembled shoring structure by crane.
  • Use climbing formwork system.


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  • "When we first started to work on "Vilkiškių dairy factory" with Prorentus company I found the best relation between price and quality. I appreciate the assistance of project managers and their strong technical solutions in complicated projects and situations."

    Edmundas Lukas
    CEO of ``Darstamas``
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    Dalius Gedvilas
    President of ``Lithuanian Builders Association``
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