Shoring structure designed by Prorentus for the bridge over the railway


The client requires the temporary supports to be as narrow as possible and would not take up a large amount of the construction site.

We have offered assembly of temporary load bearing scaffold to install steel bridge beams to their design position as well as to support bridge formwork for concreting works.


Project Type Infrastructure
Client Latvijas tilti (AS LNK Industries)
Completion Date 2019


  • The height of the temporary supports – 8 meters.
  • The temporary supports under the bridge beams have to have the bearing capacities from 83 tons to 246 tons.
  • The temporary supports for steel structural members for bridge span has to have a capacity from 115 tons to 265 tons.
  • The temporary supports need to occupy as little space as possible to allow for less preparatory work and occupied site area.
  • Layher TG-60 Load bearing scaffolding system is connected to make up the one big united element, this way the structural stability is assured as well as bigger loading capacity of the system without additional anchorage.
  • To support bridge steel structural members on the load bearing scaffolding, steel beams with large bearing capacity are used, which are provided by the client.
  • Steel beams are secured on the scaffolding using special connection elements, to minimize the risk of beams sliding off during the assembly of the bridge.
  • Steel beams are also connected with each other using special clam, to ensure that they stay in their design position during the whole duration of the construction.
  • Steel, aluminium and timber beams are used to support the bridge beam formwork to the load bearing scaffolding system.
  • Systems used: Layher TG-60, Allround, Ischebeck TITAN 200
  • Individual design
  • All scaffolding assembling and material is Prorentus Ltd responsibility.
  • The customer does not have to take care of maintenance of the scaffolding.
  • Fast and professional assembling provided by Prorentus Ltd.


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