Prorentus shoring contracting for bridge renovation


Client requires shoring and formwork system for three new bridge beams. Shoring must fit and be placed just on new foundation of supporting columns, because foundation is below ground level and road above bridge is very close to foundations. 


Project Type Infrastructure
Client Autokausta
Completion Date 2019


  • Very limited space for shoring structure as there is an open road on one side and slope on the other.
  • One shoring system should be able to support 100 t (1000 kN) load. On the same shoring system customer must be able to install formwork for supporting beam concreting.
  • Soil around new foundation is freshly poured and very soft.
  • We are using Layher TG-60 for shoring. Shoring towers have double TG-60 frames to obtain necessary bearing capacity in relatively small footprint.
  • TG-60 towers are placed on new concrete foundation.
  • On top of the shoring system we also place steel beams to transfer load to TG-60 frames.
  • We place Ischebeck Titan 200 aluminium beams on the steel beams to support the bridge beam on the shoring system.
  • Systems used: Layher TG-60, Layher Allround, Ischebeck Titan 200
  • Individual design
  • All scaffolding assembling and bearing capacity is Prorentus Ltd responsibility.
  • The customer does not have to take care of maintenance of the scaffolding.
  • Fast and professional assembling provided by Prorentus Ltd.


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