Building shoring for globe dome assembly.


Project Type Industrial Building
Client Radome Ltd.
Completion Date 2017


  • Building a multi-floor structure for dome assembly
  • Building a temporary structure for moving existing equipment around
  • Building a platform that is movable and can go around
  • Making safe access to temporary platform floors
  • Making assembly drawings for consumer to assemble the temporary structure
  • The main requirement was to design birdcage for dome outer shell assembly. Birdcages are costly and time-consuming structures so we came up with an idea of making the 17-meter-high structure which would follow dome’s shape without unnecessary material in the middle of the structure
  • TG-60 towers were used as a base frame to stiffen the whole structure. With this solution, the contractor was able to use crane which was in the centre of the dome
  • Another smaller movable 17-meter-high structure on casters was built so that client could make finishing works on dome
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround
  • Short assembly time
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, supervision)
  • Using as little equipment as possible
  • Customer could preview the project in 3D space
  • Contractor could use a crane in the dome centre, therefore no additional work was necessary to carry materials to the top of the structure where dome was being installed)


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