Working platform for installation of roof trusses and other jobs related to roof structure. Safe access for workers to whole fuel bunker roof structure.

Client requires a movable working platform over the fuel bunker. This platform has to be installed above the 23 m wide waste storage pit.

Prorentus engineers chose to use Layher TG-60, Allround, Allround FW, Flexbeam systems in this project.


Project Type Industrial Building
Client “Panevėžio statybos trestas”
Completion Date 2019


  • Distance between the supports of the platform is 23-24 m.
  • The platform has to be installed 49.5 m above the bottom of the fuel bunker and 17 m above the nearest slab.
  • The minimum width and length of the platform has to be 8 m and 31 m respectively.
  • Scaffolding structure should not be disassembled and reassembled to access different locations of the roof structure, therefore working platform has to be mobile.
  • Working platform must be suitable to a regular builder to work on.
  • TG60 shoring towers are used as the supports for the movable working platform.
  • Layher Allround FW system (lightweight bridging system) is used for the working platform’s bridge structure.
  • Rails and wheels from Layher Keder Roof XL system are used to enable the mobility of the working platform.
  • Rail for the movable platform is formed from specially for this project custom-made rail which is supported by the new Layher Flexbeam system.
  • Systems used: Layher TG-60, Allround, Allround FW, Flexbeam.
  • Fast and profesional assembling.
  • All assembling and safety installations are provided by Prorentus Ltd. The customer does not have to take care of maintenance of the scaffolding. 
  • All scaffolding assembling and bearing capacity is responsibility of Prorentus Ltd.
  • Prorentus Ltd. has opened the logistic unit on the construction site for fast and unlimited material supply to the working site. There is on-duty project manager or logistic supervisor in logistic unit for fast response of changes in construction site.


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  • "Prorentus has designed unique solution. This kind of movable structure was the first in the world and we had an opportunity to use it. I liked the way the team works, the speed of reaction, the quality of design and on-site supervision."

    Agnė Miliūtė - Project Manager at ``PST``
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