Building temporary load bearing platform for 220-ton steel bridge assembly for business center with architectural elements.


Project Type Commercial Building
Client Mitnija Ltd. and Montuotojas SC
Completion Date 2016
Project Size 300 cubic meters


  • Designing and erecting a load-bearing platform for 220-ton steel bridge assembly
  • Designing and assembling safe access and safe working space for installation workers
  • Assemble duration had to completed in two days in difficult winter weather conditions
  • All structure was designed individually using BIM environmentand, preassembled on the ground and partly lifted by crane in situ place
  • The engineer who designed the structure was leading all the project to assure that the same model would be assembled on the construction site
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround
  • Short assembly time
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, workforce)
  • Realization of the required architectural design
  • Reliable support for workload and cost planning
  • Efficient execution and optimized on-site material requirements and organizational support provided by the Prorentus project manager on the jobsite
  • Safe working scaffold and access points at all heights and on all working areas, fast and safe assembly of Layher scaffolding technology


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  • "What I mostly enjoyed working with "Prorentus" company on the project "M.M.M." is effective guidance, operative work and technical solutions. We liked the full aspect of their service and are looking forward to other projects to cooperate."

    Aurelijus Talalas
    ``Mitnija`` Ltd. Construction manager
  • “I felt real partnership and strong support during M.M.M. and Litexpo projects from Prorentus team. I enjoyed every aspect of their solutions and full assistance. Especially I appreciated their assistance during the research of finding the best solution even before signing the contract. Hope to cooperate on new projects.”

    Georgijus Bučelis
    Deputy director of AB ``Montuotojas`` montavimo firma Vilniuje
  • “I totally trust the competence of “Prorentus” engineering biuro. I was absolutely delighted with their fantastic initiative in M.M.M. and Litexpo projects, with a full range of service they have offered. That really lifted shoring contracting to the next level. I am looking forward to do more business with “Prorentus”.

    Andrius Petruškevičius
    Deputy director of AB ``Montuotojas`` montavimo firma Vilniuje
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