Prorentus project for refinery


Client requirement for installation of shoring structure to support and lift a 150 ton duct pipe at 16 metre height while reinforcement for the existing support structure is installed.

Prorentus engineers chose to use Layher TG-60, Allround systems in this project.


Project TypeIndustrial Building
Client“GE Power”
Completion Date2019


  • All works had to be carried out under very tight schedule.
  • Site had very limited space to install 150 ton load-bearing shoring structure.
  • Design of shoring structure had to ensure that there will not be collisions with members of existing and new structure.
  • The duct pipe had to be lifted using hydraulic jacks. The lifting process at two supports had to be carried out simultaneously to ensure that the duct is leveled at all times.
  • All scaffold design was carried out in BIM environment to ensure minimal disruptions on site.
  • All load was transferred to the ground using Layher TG-60 shoring towers.
  • All shoring towers had a safe working platforms on top and safe accesses using staircases.
  • Systems used: Layher TG-60, Allround, IPN beams.
  • Fast and professional assembling of individually designed project.
  • All assembling and safety installations are provided by Prorentus Ltd. The customer does not have to take care of maintenance of the scaffolding structure. 
  • All scaffolding assembling and bearing capacity is responsibility of Prorentus Ltd.
  • During exploitation of the shoring structures, workers had an easy and safe access to support structures to carry out installation works.


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