Designing and building a temporary working platform and support for 60-ton roof construction for Lithuania exhibition and congress center pavilion.


Project TypeCommercial Building
ClientMontuotojas SC
Completion Date2016
Project Size2000 square meters


  • To design and erect working platform for 2000 square meter in altitude of 10 meters
  • The assembled construction had to cover all space at the top, but on the ground had take as little space as possible
  • Working platform had to be safe to work without high climber safety harness and workers which are not high climbers
  • Designing and assembling the load bearing platform capable to hold the roof structure of 60 tons being installed
  • The roof structure demanded high precision assembly because all structure had to be regulated during assembling
  • The working platform was divided in three stages. First stage was 600 square meters and stood on 18 towers 2×2,57m so the ground coverage was just 185 square meters. Then during construction, workers assembled second stage another 600 square meters. During the third stage we moved platform of first stage to the third without dismantling.
  • Our solution was to move 121 square meter, 11 tons of platform in one piece using castors and then move additional towers from first stage one by one by disassembling just the top of the towers that they can go over the standing temporary working platform. All the tools were left on the top of the platform for saving time issues
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround
  • Short assembly time
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, workforce)
  • Much cheaper solution than assemble all construction on the ground then rent 2 big 500 tons cranes and lift already assembled construction in place
  • Customer could make high adjustments by less that 1 mm


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