Assembling platform for Fuel bunker climbing formwork system installation works.

Site office and storage for instant material supply and on site project support.

Client needed platform to be at least 2,5 m width, 30-50 cm below 0,00 altitude and must have bearing capacity at least 300 kg/m2 (3 kN/m2)

Prorentus engineers chose to use Layher Allround, TG60, FW shoring systems in this project.


Project Type Industrial Building
Client “Panevėžio statybos trestas”
Completion Date 2018


  • Platform height from the ground in side the bunker must be about 10m.
  • Platform height at outside the bunker must be about 2.4m.
  • All working platform must be safe for casual workers, must be at least 2,5 m width, 30-50 cm below 0,00 altitude and must have bearing capacity at least 300 kg/m2 (3 kN/m2).
  • For inside of bunker we used 10 TG-60 towers and made rest of the platform with new Layher Allround FW system. With span of 12m, 10m and 12m. Total inside platform span is about 76m, width is 3,3 m. All inside platform is made from 29 tons of scaffolding.
  • Outside platform is 96 m of total length, 3,3 m width and weighs about 20 tons.Both working platforms are capable of 300 kg/m2 (3 kN/m2) load.
  • Both working platforms outside perimeter is provided with toe-board and 1.5m high fencing.
  • Outside platform is with two staircases.
  • Inside platform is equipped with staircase for access for inside working platform and bunker itself.
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround, FW
  • All assembling and safety installations are provided by Prorentus Ltd. Individual design
  • The customer does not have to take care for maintenance of the scaffolding. All scaffolding assembling and bearing capacity is Prorentus Ltd. responsibility.
  • Safe working space and access points at all heights and on all working areas, fast and safe assembly
  • Prorentus Ltd. have opened the logistic unit on the construction site for fast and unlimited material supply to the working site. There is on-duty project manager or logistic supervisor in logistic unit for fast response of changes in construction site.


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