To arrange 1300 sq.m. of technically challenging and difficult beams slab in different levels of heights with a safe working requirements in an industrial factory.


Project Type Industrial Building
Client Factory owner company
Completion Date 2017


  • Arranging 1300 sq.m of technically challenging and difficult beams slab in different levels of heigths with a safe working requirments in an industrial factory.
  • Project was outside of EU territory, it was also a challenge to coordinate all processes: logistics, project coordination on site, supervising.
  • Big challenge was drainage channels on the ground and factory’s equipment which made project harder.
  • Because of big heights between slabs, we used load bearing TG – 60 towers in combination of Allround system. We used two different type of system to show our flexibility in both systems. In order to fully utilize load bearing capacity of TG – 60 we used load bearing consoles made of Allround parts. We also added integrated safety consoles all around the structure and staircases to get on to a slab.
  • This project also was designed to use aluminium beams as main shoring beams and prefabricated wooden trusses to shape slab.
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, workforce)
  • Short and outsourced assembly time
  • Efficient execution and optimized on-site material requirements and organizational support provided by the same Prorentus project manager on the job-site
  • Safe working scaffold and access points at all heights and on all working areas, fast and safe assembly of Layher scaffolding technology
  • Reliable support for workload and cost planning.


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    Dr.Darius Mykolaitis
    CEO of ``Statybų lyga``
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    Thomas Kittner
    CEO of ``Layher International`` GmbH
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