Client requires to support 32 concrete beams which weighs up to 22 tons. It is also required to support concrete of main beam which is above column. We had a limited working and storage space near the busy motorway.


Project Type Infrastructure
Client Tilsta Ltd.
Completion Date 2018


  • Support concrete of main beam which is above column
  • Requirement to support 32 concrete beams which weighs up to 22 tons
  • Calculate the equipment in exact quantity in limited working space
  • Individual design of every column support with the combination of the systems we use
  • The assembly work and construction is done near the existing and busy motorway. Our flexible TG – 60 and Allround system let us easily achieve what client asks us to do.
  • Individual design was done for combination of our supported systems by one contact person for all project – shoring contracting service
  • Systems used: TG-60, Allround, Titan Aluminium beams, Paschal Deck
  • Individual design for every column
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source and one project manager (design, material, workforce) – no resources required from the client
  • Reliable support for workload and cost planning
  • Efficient execution and optimized on-site material requirements and organizational support – shoring done on time
  • Combination of formwork and shoring systems
  • Prorentus Ltd. took over all the responsibility and risk management for shoring


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  • "I am satisfied with the shoring contracting services I was offered by Prorentus. They did the job on time and the same project which was offered was also implemented on site according to our requirements. It is very convenient that they offer the service of shoring assembly and we don't need to use our resources."

    Tadas Daškevičius
    Technical manager ”Tilsta” Ltd.
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