Extension of commercial building in Vilnius,  Saltoniskiu str. 29. Client needs to build extra 2 floors on the top of existing 3 floor building, but the facade of it should not be covered with scaffolding and the structure must be assembled in 10 hours.

Prorentus engineers chose to use the new Layher Lightweight FW bridge system in this project. This new system allows designing scaffolds for service with large spans. This is the first construction site in the Baltic states to use this system. The 6 m. span was used here, because of the limited bearing capacity of custom made supports for the scaffolds.


Project Type Commercial Building
Client UAB “Imstata”
Completion Date 2018


  • The structure of new part of the building will be monolithic (done with formwork what we supply). Task is to design and assemble working platform of 68,5 m. length at an altitude of 13 m.
  • The work platform should be suspended to the building wall with specially designed supports, the structure should stand on only two TG60 towers on sides of front facade.
  • Designed platform must meet all the requirements for safe work, installation and operation, protect sidewalk, parking and first floor shopping area.
  • They need scaffold on sides to put protection nets and get access to new facades.
  • The time gap for assembly was 10 hours and only on Sunday. Layher speedyscaf from the ground was used from the back yard.
  • Add custom made (specially designed) steal consoles as intermediate supports, assure short assembly time.
  • Use Layher FW system as bridging support for Allround scaffold.
  • Assemble Allround in levels, according to new built concrete floors and adjust FW according to the added load. 
  • The work platform supported in to the ground only on the sides of the structure, using two TG60 towers.
  • Systems used: TG-60, FW, Allround
  • Individual design
  • Cost-effective and practical complete solution from one source (design, material, workforce)
  • Safe working space and access points at all heights and on all working areas, fast and safe assembly


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  • "The outstanding technical understanding and the exemplary customer orientated approach of the "Prorentus" team is creating solutions which are unique in the market. We are happy being selected as supplier of the shoring system TG60."

    Thomas Kittner
    CEO of ”Layher International” GmbH
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