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“Keliai ir tiltai” publication about our new service

“Keliai ir tiltai” publication about our new service

Download full publication Read the article on www.keliaiirtiltai.lt Shoring contracting for bridges – more possibilities It is obvious  that in the next 10 years the Baltic road construction markets will face big challenges. One of them is the implementation of the “Rail Baltic” project, which will require the construction of over 750 new bridges. This

Download full publication

Read the article on www.keliaiirtiltai.lt

Shoring contracting for bridges – more possibilities

It is obvious  that in the next 10 years the Baltic road construction markets will face big challenges. One of them is the implementation of the “Rail Baltic” project, which will require the construction of over 750 new bridges. This will require new technologies, intelligent engineering solutions, reliable building materials, skilled workforce, optimization of labor productivity.

Two of such companies, which brought new engineering solutions to the Nordic Baltic region are the Lithuanian capital company “Prorentus” and the German capital company “Layher Baltic”. Representatives of the company say that new principles and solutions of work organization will save contractors costs – from one third to one half of the cost for formwork works which are usual now. All their engineering solutions are tested in Germany and in other European and Scandinavian countries. It changes the principles of work not only in Europe but also around the world. It is a new approach to the work process, which provides high added value, new quality, a new working culture.

CEO of “Prorentus” Ltd. Linas Adomavičius: “I am glad that together with our partners we can reach our mission – the perfection of construction process.”

“My dream as an engineer and entrepreneur is to work on technologically challenging and complicated projects. I am glad that together with our partners we can reach for mission – the perfection of construction process. “

Innovation in solutions

The TG-60 is not well known, usual load bearing shoring system – load bearing towers. It is a new 3D shoring structure, designed to handle heavy loads, to create a safe working environment, to optimization of time schedules, to work efficient and productive. The goal of our company is to use as much of the resources as needed to make the job done. TG-60 shoring system is a new product in the market of temporary building structures. This system is based on wedge lock  “Layher Allround” modular scaffolds, it can be safely referred to as the most flexible shoring system in the construction market.

The customer always wins

Design and planning works are done virtually in Building information modeling (BIM) as well as statistical analysis is done by finite element methodology (FEM). If needed, it is possible to design and plan shoring for the bridge even in the 4D and even 5D environment, taking into account the time and cost consumption. This is the optimal solution to design and plan Shoring structures. Practice shows that this way you can save up to 50% of the shoring material, what means 50% less of logistics, 50% less installation and dismantling men hours, and 50% shorter formwork installation time schedule. Obviously this is “Win – Win” situation for both sides: client and contractor.

The TG-60 shoring are designed in united scheme with MiTEK wooden trusses for bridge formwork in a close cooperation with partners. One of them is Design Bureau “Statybų Lyga” Ltd.. Wooden trusses are designed in BIM system and are calculated by finite element methodology too. Our shoring solutions optimizes the utilization of steel, aluminum and wood. If the shoring structure is designed virtually in BIM, then there is no place for improvisations in the construction site during assembly works. Whatever the system is based on wedge lock, it has no free dimensions. This makes it possible to perform in maximum speed during shoring installation process.

Professional attitude

In order to supply full set of monolithic bridge formwork, the TG-60 and the MiTek systems need to be supplemented by other formwork components and systems from the German formwork manufacturers “Paschal” and “Ischebeck”. In order to combine all the products and systems of the those producers into united entirety, high formwork engineering experience is needed. And that is exactly what you receive working with “Prorentus” formwork engineering team.

After bridge shoring structure is designed in BIM, it is vital that the exact structure would be built on the construction site as well. Otherwise, the consequences can be tragical. In order to ensure the correct assembly of such structures, it is necessary to use only professional services. The assembly process must be guided by the same engineers who have created a virtual model. The workforce for assembly works must fit the highest qualification requirements. Professional scaffolders are required, who have many niche experience in their work every day, using specific tools and working methods that apply only in the area of scaffolding. Only this way, the installation of shoring eliminates numerous human factors errors  and optimizes labor productivity. Only this way, after evaluating the risks in the shoring installation, it is possible to offer the customer a quality service with a fixed final price, using our controlled capacities and resources – shoring, formwork engineering and  scaffolders.

“Prorentus” Ltd. is offering  to the customer an opportunity to outsource the installation of shoring and coordination of the entire scaffolding installation process. The company’s engineers optimize labor productivity, diversify the workforce by the skills needed for the particular process, maximize the usage of mechanisms, minimize the risks of work safety accidents. For more efficiency in work processes we also design and plan the use of cranes, forklifts, barges, moving platforms and trucks. Upon completion of the project, not only the formwork is dismantled, but also the formwork waste materials, are properly recycled according to these days requirements. We are leaving the construction site without leaving a mess behind.

Unlimited resources

By working in the world’s largest scaffolding manufacturer Wilhelm Layher GmbH&Co. KG  network, we have unlimited access to equipment and scaffolders, which allows the company to handle projects of any size and complexity. As TG-60 system ambassadors in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, we believe that we can replace the monolithic bridges inefficient working methods into the modern way of work.

Safety first

With shoring contracting, the company ensures a safe workplace for each worker in accordance with all modern work process requirements: safe access to the workplace at hight, working platform with certified decks, weather protection – roofs and facades. All of those features allow electrifying, lighting and heating the temporary workplace of the carpenters, reinforcement workers, concrete workers. Only in such environment it is possible to arrange high quality work in two or even three shifts – regardless of the daytime or weather conditions. We are confident that the service we offer will soon become a new standard for the quality, performance and safety in construction of monolithic bridges in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. We are an example of how to work efficiently without cutting the safety budget  in competitive market environment.

Progress can not be denied.

The time has come when the formwork assembly, reinforcement works and concreting works has evolved into three separate processes. According to these days labor productivity requirements, the “universal worker” loses its meaning.

“Prorentus” is using shoring system TG-60 for over a year and a half, and has won almost all participated tenders. Progress can not be denied. Moreover, because of many new possibilities of the systems TG-60 and FW, it is possible to offer very advanced engineering solutions not only for the construction of new bridges, but also for the repair of existing bridges and viaducts.

“Layher Baltic” and “Prorentus” are founders of the “Baltic Scaffolders Association” (BSA). BSA cooperates closely with builders association, national labor inspectorates, universities, various educational institutions, scientific centers in al Baltic states.

CEO of “Layher Baltic” Viktor Voroncov: “I believe that with the production of “Layher” we can change the world.”

I believe that with the production of “Layher” we can change our world. I am glad that the best products on the market has brought new quality of work, new insights, new solutions and new partners into my life.

“Prorentus” has offered solutions and competencies to help “Layher” shoring system TG-60 to find the fastest and safest way to market. I am delighted that “Layher” has developed a very intelligent and special product – TG-60, which brought significant added value to the construction industry. It’s important to keep in mind that good results can only be achieved if the product is properly used. “Prorentus” is professionally aware of this system and is well prepared to design and implement a project of any size and complexity. This requires specialist knowledge and experience which “Prorentus” formwork engineers have mastered excellently.

Facts of “Prorentus”:

  • 100 % of Lithuanian capital.
  • 12 years in formwork engineering.
  • LAYHER TG60 ambassadors for Nordic Baltic region.
  • Located in a strategically convenient geographical location: at the intersection of Via Baltic and Rail Baltic; Near the main Baltic airports and seaports; Quickly reachable Vilnius and Riga.
  • TG-60 was patented in 2014.
  • In 2016 first projects with TG-60 system.
  • Shoring contracting for bridges was officially presented at the exhibition “RESTA 2017”.
  • The first who offers a fixed project price on the market.





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