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Baltic Scaffolders Association is seeking to reduce profession risks

Baltic Scaffolders Association is seeking to reduce profession risks

Baltic Scaffolders Association (BSA) is seeking to validate the scaffolders qualification for safety and to lower the risks of profession.

At the present situation, anyone who is trained as the builder can climb the scaffolding, without any specific training – and this has already caused accidents with major injuries and death.

Layher safety

So far, there are no requirements for the qualification of scaffolders in Lithuania, there is no qualification description of profession and the skills needed for this work. BSA hopes that the Professional Standards will be prepared by the Center for Development and Vocational Training and will be approved this autumn.

pastolininkai BSA Prorentus Layher

This summer BSA scaffold instructors became the experts of the competences at STATREG training.

Dalius Gedvilas, the President of the Lithuanian Construction Association (LSA), is pleased with the initiative and attitude of the BSA towards the competences of the employees working in the construction industry. The fact that both LSA and BSA are seeking for responsible professionals in the construction industry allows to expect significant results.

“BSA is very concerned about the safety of builders at work, they care about how to save workers’ health and life. These are the issues that can not be ignored. I feel big appreciation to the scaffolding companies which were one of the first to believe that the LSA’s development of the STATREG initiative was necessary and actively involved in its implementation.” – Dalius Gedvilas, President of the LSA.

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